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It would be me  difficult to list the jobs that I have exercised  in my life, there are so many. Some will see it as inconstancy,  maybe they are right! For my part, I see there the permanent and intrinsic desire  to throw myself new challenges. 

It is with this in mind that I embarked on different palettes that make up art, without having too much of a notion, just the desire to test, whether it is: poetry, literature, painting, cinema or even the song...

What will be the next area to experience, even I ignore it, because I let my senses  and my meetings will be sources of inspiration for the future. 

And as my best years are ahead of me, you are  not ready  to get rid of  from me, but fear not for those who are allergic to my style, a simple click and everything is back to order in your  life.


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