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"Bitumen flower"

Ghis, a former educator and specialist teacher, wanted, through this novel, to narrate the many chaotic situations experienced by the young people he worked with. SARA recounts the trial of a young adrift miner, Marwan. Through his witnesses of personalities, we will discover different parts of his life. First of all his mother who explains her childhood in Morocco and her desire to come to France to build a better future for her children, but also her dismay at the call of the street which bewitches her son. Then, it is the turn of Sylvain, specialized educator, who tries by all means to extricate Marwan from this infernal spiral, by taking him out of his concrete straitjacket to show him that he can behave like a child and not like a video clip cartoon. Then comes the turn of Sara, her sweet friend, her first love, who - herself living in complicated family situations - wants to get him out of this mess at all costs, proving to him that we can get out of the mud by the will and the desire to experience something else. Finally, the brigadier-chief "Ara-chief", last witness of personality come to drive the point home by drawing up a black portrait of the life of the young delinquent. Tirelessly, he will enumerate his feats of arms and the contents of his locker, thus illustrating the underground practices inherent in each quarter of the cities. These four witnesses allow us to navigate like the character in his different environments: the family circle, friends, school, but also and above all the neighborhood, with its codes and constraints. Most of the situations in this book are based on real events, they are just compiled through a few fictional characters. This book attempts to reveal the very special and at the same time so ordinary life of a teenager living in a sensitive neighborhood, sometimes with societal analyzes, sprinkled with humor to avoid sinking into the darkness of these lives on the wire.

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