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"Social and heart words"

Vice (s) "Social words" addresses various societal or social themes. It may seem strange to use the poetic format to lean in and highlight some hidden vices in our society. But sometimes to convey an unbearable message, draping it in a more aesthetic version, can allow it to be addressed to a greater number. And for my part, I find that this process makes it possible to highlight even more the cruelty of the acts. To take a vulgar, scatological picture, I would say that if I was offered an excrement in a sheet of newspaper, I would be disgusted. But if I was offered the same gift, in tissue paper and a box, beyond my disgust, I would be deeply destabilized. The goal of Vice (s) is not necessarily to destabilize you, but as far as possible to address sometimes cruel themes which are the dark sides of our society. Fortunately other texts tackle less symptomatic subjects, although just as disturbing for those who live it. Versa "The words of the heart" is not necessarily a counterpart diametrically opposed to Vice (s), nor really lighter or less somber, but it is the side where I approach the subjects rather related to love, to Blues. As a teacher, I often used images and metaphors to illustrate my words, to make them more accessible and more digestible to my students. And in fact, my friends have pointed out to me that I often do the same with them. Besides, it's a bit of their fault, they just had to not remain grown-up children. All this to say that in the twists and turns of my memory, I always felt this need to illustrate my words, and sometimes I went through writing to try to convey messages. Here is a jumble of ten texts written over two decades.

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